Top Best Android Browsers for Perfect Browsing Experience

In this Post, I’ll share with you The Top Best Android Browsers for Perfect Browsing Experience

I love to stick to default things, but those who wants some extra performance and features are always looking for 3rd part software and why shouldn’t they be, after all, these 3rd party applications have kept Android OS to the top. Apart from Gallery app, App lock, and other applications, there are those who wants to use a custom browser for best internet experience, I am not among them, I use the default browser, whatever that is and I am happy with it. But that is my opinion, for extra features like multiple downloads, pause downloads within the browser, use the flash content and do much more stuff. So, where we are providing you some of the best Android browsers that you can use to have the best internet surfing experience.

Best Android Browsers

Top Best Android Browser:

Google Chrome:

Like it has taken over the PC world, Google Chrome is the best browser for your Mobile too. But then again it eats RAM like a maniac, having a low-end device won’t help you here as this beast shows its full potential on at least 2GB ram, but if you have enough RAM this is the best option.

Opera Browser:

One of the most underrated browsers of all times, if you don’t know, all the features you see in modern browsers were first introduced in Opera. If you want performance along with animations as well as but with low cost, this is the best option.

UC Browser:

Speed and light, these are the best features of UC Browser. For all those owning a low-end device but wants high-speed downloads along with fast browsing, this is the best option you have and it also features an Ad block.

Dolphin Browser:

One of the oldest and famous for its gestures, with many features like one tap share, easy data sync, cool add-ons and much more, this might be the best second browser you should keep with you.


The best in terms of lots of features, not only it consumes less RAM but also works perfectly both on your Mobile as well as you PC, if you want an alternate of Google Chrome this is the only one.

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