How To Block Text Messages From Specific Person on Android

In this Post, I’ll tell you how you can Block Text Messages From Specific Person on Android.

Sometimes you get irritated by some unknown users or you just don’t want to see messages or calls from specific friends or colleague or ex-friend etc. Blocking a specific number on an android device is simple and easy just follow the guide below:


Method #1: Use Android’s Messaging App to Block Texts:

The following guide is for stock messaging app if you have installed other messaging app then don’t follow this guide:

  1. Open your Message app.
  2. Tap on the 3 dot Menu Icon at the top left the corner.
  3. Select Blacklist and then turn it ON.
  4. Now tap on the + button and add the number you want to block.
  5. Now select what you want Block Incoming Calls or Block Incoming Messages.
  6. If you want to unblock a person simply select the number from Blacklist and select Delete.

Method #2: Use a Dedicated Third-Party App:

Sometimes your stock messaging app doesn’t have blacklist option, in such case you need a messaging app to block unwanted users and the best app is Handcent SMS.

  1. First of all download and install Handcent SMS app from google play store.
  2. Disable notification from other SMS apps because you will get double notifications when SMS comes.
  3. Now Open Handcent App and tap on the Menu Icon at the top left the corner.
  4. Now tap on the gear icon at the lower left corner.
  5. Now select Security and Privacy and then select Manage Blacklist.
  6. Now tap on + button to add your number you want to block.

You can also send an automated reply to the person you block so he or she come to know that you have blocked them.

  1. Download and install SwiftReply  app from Google Play Store.
  2. Now make sure that the number you want to block is listed in your contacts.
  3. Open SwiftReply app and tap on +button to add a new reply.
  4. Now type in the name and message you want, this message and name will be sent to the person you will block.
  5. Scroll down and select “Enable User Filter” > “Contacts“.
  6. Tap “Add” and choose the people in your Contacts list that you would like to receive the reply. Tap “Done” when your list is complete.
  7. Tap “Save“, then tap “Off” to turn the auto-reply on.

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