How To Clear Cache in Google Chrome Browser

In this Post, I’ll tell you how you can Clear Cache in Google Chrome Browser.

It doesn’t matter how powerful one PC or Mobile is, the applications installed in them are always eating RAM and cache of the Machine, the RAM is cleared as soon as you turn off the Applications but the Cache is still filled and once you opened up enough of the applications, the cache starts to fill up and the performance gets low, you’ll experience lag and issues. But there are certain ways to clear Cache within the application to make it go as fast as it was before, on your mobile you can enter recovery to clear it but on your Desktop there are different ways, if you are not interested in using 3rd party Applications to clear cache of Chrome, do follow the steps below.


How To Clear Cache in Google Chrome Browser:

Do One of the Following First:

For Mac OSX: Press Command + Shift + Delete from the Keyboard.

For Windows/Linux: Press CTRL + Shift + Delete from the Keyboard

  1. Open Google Chrome on your PC.
  2. Tap the 3-dots on the top right corner and choose settings.
  3. Scroll Down and click Show Advance Settings.
  4. Scroll down and Locate Clear Browsing Date.
  5. Click on it and wait for the process.
  6. Now you’ll be given different options.
  7. Choose the Cache Image and Files.
  8. Choose the time-period and Click Clear Browsing Data.

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