Cool Clans Names for Online Games

Nowadays, online gaming has become popular enough to force everyone to engage themselves in playing these games for far too long. Remember COD MW2, yes that old game, I am still playing it and quite addicted to it and when it comes to choosing a clan name, there is always a huge fuss created by everyone in the clan and in the end they come up with a stupid clan name that they are embarrassed to tell everyone. The Internet is a huge place to find everything that you are looking for, after all, you have to register your clan name in order to enter the tournaments and clan wars if you have a name that is not living up to your expectations, then most of the times you forfeit the tournament and start playing games on a local server. If you are still confused about choosing a clan name, then you really need to follow the whole post as we will provide some tips on choosing the name and also provides a list of Cool Clans Names, that you can use in online gaming.

If you are playing on a local level, then you can set any clan name you want, but once you went online and want to participate in online tournaments then you need to have a unique clan name that is not taken by others. And you’ll only realize that when you sign-up for participation. If you have a list of clan names then you can keep on putting them until one of them is available, but if you have on in your mind, then you can search for it and then add numbers and symbols to make it a unique one. However, having a list helps you in getting a name faster and that is exactly why we are here, but first, let’s go through tips and tricks to see how you can set a unique name.

Cool Clans Names

Make Your Name Unique in Online Games

  1. You can choose the name of up to 20 characters, so you can’t set a huge name even if you want to.
  2. Put in the one you like the most and if it is available, the take it.
  3. If it is not available, then add an underscore to make it different.
  4. You can add numbers and symbols to make your name even more unique.
  5. The most popular games won’t give you much of a choice, so you have to be patient before selecting a name.

List of Cool Clans Names

Tears of Gaia Instinct Martial Warlocks
ReaPeR Gift of Prometheus The Immortal 50
solar Immortals Embers Rising
Written in Blood iEnVy UraniumPotato
sTaTiiCz Blackstock Zombie Hordes
ClashForCash Scrymgeour Legendary
Spalding Clan of Coats Swarm
Kung Fu Phooey Zombie Canibus Matrix Clan
CraZe Shields Melville
Fenton Ogilvy UprisingRivals
ifarm.01 Team Y.o.l.o Arbiter
Maxton Letters of Marque Grant
DATING CLAN Volume Zero Nevoy
Pantheon Mad Scientists Powerful Peons
Cochrane Moffat Nova
Haig McKerrell Montgomery
Thedarkwim Twoearth Gaia
Farmer NaDeZ Newlands
Weir Sinclair Marjoribanks
Spongerz The Art of War ReC
Kerr Quantum Performance MiSTaKeZ
Parabolic Projectiles ReCoiiLz RioT
Forrester Patullo XaGLeZ
Rutherford Hope Russell
Leask Phoenix Viking Vivisection
Void Clan Axis Lamont
Myst Heart Vs Feather Power Within Noobs
Hitmen Beg For Mercy Survival Strategy
Dispatch Edmonstone Logie
clashmebro Bloodline Apocalypse
Inglis Cathcart Wallace
FORUM ELITE Magister Mortalis (masters of death) Xenocide
Green Bobin Mercer Whitefoord
Tactical Telepathy Primeval Pest
Maggot Militia story unfolds CarNaG3
Ether Shape shifters Glendinning
Urquhart Monteith Harvest
Lammie Redemption Blackadder
Ralston Hannay Knaves
Graham BlaDe Destroy The Noobs
Ritzy Kings Epicenter Glas
Armifera Fatum (bearer of fate) Derezzed Exentric
DreTron Talisman Sons of Ra
RaG3 Sliice Slay and Flay
Buchan iLLuZioNz Clan or Clam?
Vultures Death Bloom TuRRe7z
Untitled Clan Dunlop Echoes of the Lost Age
Purves Executor smash and grab
Rebels Blair Ripper
Falconer Morrison dFuZe
Sandilands Meldrum Moncreiffe
S.Y.G. (Stole Your Glory) Hippocratic Heresy eRaZe
Ramsay CoC Boss Tweedie
Dalmahoy ShoTz Gregor
green Zone Sudden Death Eye for an Eye
eeZ, Tat, Trace Lumsden Diplomacy of the Sword
Broun Tennant Rait
Porterfield Crawford Wedderburn
Aikenhead Turnbull Hamilton
Babos Aiton Hall
Dalziel CoD Detonate Farm4us
Carmichael Boswell Alpha Helix
Call of Beauty DeMartino Under_eS!:timated
angles cry Buchanan Sundown Rising
Norvel Kirkpatrick Tronners Clan
Natural Born Killers Auctorita Kroniikz
ReaP Darroch Squeeling Hog
sunset moon Nesbitt Cranstoun
ThunderCats Ross Forsake the Fallen
Lockhart Reddit Troopers The Oracle
Death Dealers SuRE ChroMe
Butchers Xtreme Tronners Concord
Spottiswood DeLiiRiuM Kinloch
Hangmen Mar Byres
Jackals Demolition Demons Colquhoun
Laing Tait Battlefield Brawlers
Clan or Fam Regicide Menzies
Wauchope Mow Turtle
Salt of the Fields Philistines Anatomy of Death
Wolverines Blood Lust Arrow-Clan
Lost Legion Superfluous Optic
Insomnia Swordplay Velocity
United Warriors nyx`Clan Doom Hammer
Vans Pennycook Murder For Hire
Tronners Unlimited Skirving Bitten Bone Bits
Red Onslaught Killing Code Encircling Inferno
Chemical Death Herries Gunn
Avl Clan Anstruther Greek Fire
Super Squad Anderson Cubed2
Heir of Thrones aMaZeee Lumencidium
Apex Stratagems of Sedition Muirhead
CoC Inspectors Lennox SaS
RiseOfAbyss Predation Black Magic
Blades of Rage CreD Speed of Light
Cairns NoNerdsJustGeeks Spens
Sutherland CoC Crew FreaK
CoD Dominate Moncur Osiris’ Scale
Maori Tribes Horsburgh Swift
Primrose Cannibals Halkerston
Luck Marauding Maces Wardlaw
Omega Makgill Stewards of Gaia
Baird Collision Rossie
Cheyne Skene Delicious Deserts
Paradox Meet Your Maker Auchinleck
RaZe Bravo Pentland
Death Dose Cameron Live to Kill
Seven Scimitars Pownage Wood
Carrion Evolutiionz Micro Bus City
Song of the Blade KiLLz Fairlie
Halket Erskine Plague
Death Eaters Farquharson Synergy
Super Powers Stirling Lyon
Immortal Dynasty Borthwick This Is My Clan
Epsilon Hunters Ged
CoC Craze Ringing Blades Galloway
Fullarton Nobmping Xy Clan
MocK 420 spartans Baxter
eRaZoR Strange Last Stand
Earthly Arbiters Straiton Jardine
Boyle NORTH 43 Iron Edge
Matheson Overpowered Vindicated Villains
Rollo Clan This Fallow Fields
FLaM3z DoDG3 United Noobs of Armagetron
Vitality Pure Luck Sydserf
Galbraith Sins of Salem Black Plague
Annihilation Hominid Hegemony Dunbar
Arbuthnott Keith Gardyne
Alchemy Assault Death Zone Inevitable Prodigies
BiGTyMeRz Scott Eliott
Agnew Elemental DarkSyndicate
Brisbane Masterton NORTH 44
Defaced by Mace VaPouRz Fire Dragons
Mechanistic Mutation Locusts NORTH 69
Serenity POWN Beat clan
Magi BlaSTz McCorquodale
Whats in your Clan Gray Kelly
Sons of Salem Collateral Damage Final Strike
Immortal Essence Beautiful Diztruktion Lyle
Pollock Elphinstone SicK
Terran Titans Ochterlony Clephane
Maori Tools of Death Butter
Battlefield Carrion Middleton Whitelaw
Blue Clan MiDNiT3 Hive
Iron Clan Swinton Orrock
Ne Agito Oppeto (death is unavoidable) Tragiic ViiPeRz
Bounty Hunters Twisted Rats Blood Rich
Army Of 4 Death By Distraction Baillie
Follow the Fallen Ainslie The Fallen
Warhead Carruthers RisingPhoenix
Paterson Moubray Medieval Methods
Kampret Riddell Kennedy
GuTshotz Fotheringham Assaultz
Alpha Project Arthur Keepers of Hell
Gladstains Seventh Circle PuRe
Henderson Blood of the Soil Ra Power
Bitter End Gibsone Eat What You Kill
Adam Chalmers Logan
Titans Craig degree
JumPShoTz NooBz GodlyCurry
Sacrament Kinninmont Heron
Route of Rouges Maule Lineage
Newton Death to Tronners Mercenary Guild
Contract Killers Monypenny Preston
dFuZR Raven demonic faces
A Martyr’s Death FaKe Hoplite
Widowmakers Enmity Kirkcaldy
Fleming Ethereal Entities Napier
This is it SpRaYz Metamorphosis
Adair The Bad Guys The Ancients
ToMoHawkz Phi Supanova
Dynasty Allardice Maxwell
BlaDeZ Douglas Common Grave
Cloak of Twilight Bizarro Colville
Zenco TeMPeR Berserkers
Mortal Selection Pervigeo Neco (perpetual death) Dundas
Watson The DJ Clan Sixth Sense
Blood Circle Mutable Artisans Zone Avengers
TexasFight DimDimDim Clan Amoeba
Human Shield Carnegie Armored Army
Hepburn Alchemic Elixir A House Divided
Mercator Mortalis (merchants of death) An Ancient Score Gwaps25 Clan
Elixir FiReZ Team Rocket Pcc
Bonkers FresH Bannerman
RaPiiDz Balfour Guardians of Terra
FraGzZ Severed Remains Vector
Poseidon’s Whim Disgruntled Programmers Stewart
Chattan CripTik Order of Acolytes
Clelland Undead Means to End
True RoadRunnerZ Hutton
Martial Law Bisset RaPz
Campbell Crescent Blow Lundin
Muir Slice and Dice War Crimes
FaZe Ascension Clan Theclashlist
ShoT Clan-ed beans Johnstone
Bastards of Oldearth Vendetta to Victory Sins of Man
Polwarth Clan-destine Arnott
USAR Abercromby Abernethy
Symmetric Chaos Calder Crosbie
CoD Dead Eclipse’d Cunningham
Marked For Death PLZ RES US! Guthrie
Robertson theclashingdead Apoc
Bruce Haldane Hay
Manifestus Fatum (to manifest fate) FaTaLz Liquid Lifeforce
Ninja Ownage Nicolson
Embers to Ashes iOwN Somerville
NEI icecreamninjas Hopkirk
Blood Scribe Pray to the Pantheon Chisholm
Renton Assassins Alliance Martial Masters
Not In A Clan Ragtag Rush Fletcher
Duncan Brodie Death by Boomstick
Et al Clan Boyd Singularity
EviLz Deaf Executioners Siege of Ages
Hive Mind Tron Federation Skin Peels
Bannatyne Minds of Murderers By the Sword
Bone Sewn Harvester Irvine
Strachan Rise of the Fallen Maitland
Selection Pressure UniqueLegacy Gayre
Peak Performance Project Line of Sight Crichton
Maximum 6etaClan ReFuZR
Terra Divided Pride of the Fallen Blyth
Vying for Terra Cult Sans Canon Maggot Feast
Leathernecks Udny Mouat
Slayed and Flayed BEST CLAN EliTe
Everything Is Possible Blood Oath Crossfire
DeMoNz Hawkz Mountain Men
Tailyour MaGiiCz United Bretheren of Light
Scythe MooDz Walkinshaw
Crash Helmet Radioactive TheDamned
Sparks Armageddon H.A.T.E.D.
Embers of the Innocent Berserk Schaw
Oblivion Dalrymple Wemyss
Fraser Charteris Even the Score
Trotter Binning Hog
Valhalla FirePizza Children of Gaia
Grierson Blood Bath Langlands
Innes heavy fire Minefields
Pandemic Home Mortiferus Punctim (death by stabbing)
Souls of Salem Maggot Meals GuNShoTz
Kill St Ent Congilton
Relentless Rouges SeMTeX TrEnT Clan
NuclearPotato Paisley Pillage the Village
sTaTiiC Headhunters Leslie
As One Flesh Wound DropshoTz
Victrix Mortalis (conquerors of death) LuXiouZe Death by Dogma
Grid Kings Optic Tronners CoC Rules
Peter Leviathan Death Machine
Pitcairn Plunder and Pillage Blood Loss
Beveridge Specicidal Tendencies Blood and Bones
Parthian Tactics McCulloch Serendipity
Broken Silence Predator Stabwound
Kinnear BuLLe7z Gods of War
Inferno Oliphant Ruthven
Rightplace2pst Vanguardians TragiiKz
Murray Cata Tonic PlutoniumPotato
JoKeRz Pringle Crazy Tronners
Xclan FaKi3 SNiiP3Zz
Lindsay Gordon Zero Gravity
Dewar Jugular Jugglers GhosTz
OpTiCzZ RuLe Blood-price of Terra
BuLLe7 Armstrong CoD Doc
Drummond RaZR Never Surrender
Fatal Force Insect Autopsy Donner Party
Callender Archer iRuShh
Trident faka crew Fungi
Zen Rattray Phantom Knights
DeCoiiLz Family Clan Cost of Clan
Life Debt farmmebro Cutlass Killers
sHoCkZz Hunter Systems of Survival
Rising Tides Caldwell Troup
Seton Durie Davidson
Terra Fallen Angels Team Unknown
Scythe Wielders Bell Little
Retain Terrain zRuSh Young
aMaZe Skin Tailors Bastards of Men
Symmers Bethune Night Walkers clan
CooL Fungal Expansion Our Fathers War
Barclay Void Bloodletting
Mutable Monsters Dust to Dust Black Death
OpTiC Power of noobs Super Clan
Hippocrates Bane Blane Ewing
False Flags Clash and Cash BeerBandits
ThreaTz Houston Bandits
Rose Elite Reborn Sutures for the Future
Clan Name Killing Fields Bloody
Mystic Mercy Mauling Feast of Maggots
Zeno FuriousSteel Gartshore
My revenge Pretty High enlighten
Eternal YoungBloods Vanguard Kincaid
Rogue Tronners Philosopher Kings TheWhiteStoners
Divided We Fall Vicars of Violence Sempill
Viking Team Elite Feast or Famine
Unite the Clans Sniperz Klan Learmonth
Cocoon Forsyth Kinnaird
moveable Rezurrection Mutalist
Hellfire Helix Battle Cry Gunslingers
Forgotten Warriors Glen RawR
AtomicPotato KaRiZMa Terran Suicide
Kill-or-die Fergusson Nairn
OutOfCurry broken wings Vlad’s Children
TriB3z Munro Belshes
Wishart Wild West Pwnage

If you have any other name, then you can put it in the comments section to let us know and then we will update our list. Enjoy!

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