How To Hide Friends On Facebook 2016 Whole Friend List

Nowadays everyone has a Facebook account and everyone uses Facebook almost on daily basis, some users don’t care who visit your profile or how many friends you have or who is in your friend list. But some users take full care of their privacy on Facebook and they always up to hide whatever they have o Facebook. Today I will guide you How To Hide Friends On Facebook, through this guide you can easily hide your friend list from other users and no one will see your friends list. Hiding friend list will also make sure that no one bothers you and your friends like someone add you as a friend and then he starts adding your friends and then he start messing with all your friends share bad things on walls and other stuff. SO it’s better to hide your friend list.

How To Hide Friends On Facebook

When you hide your friend list no one can see who is your friend and your friend’s information is saved, most people care about their friends and they want that no one bothers their friends because of them. So hiding your friend list will save your friends and no one from your side will bother them. Hiding your friends will also save you as well nowadays most hacking attacks are caused by getting information about victim fro their friends. Someone wants to hack your id he will sneak into your account and add your friends to his friends and then he can get info about yourself and then he can hack your account through that info. SO hiding your friend list is very important if you want your friends save and also you.

How To Hide Friends On Facebook 2016:

  • Open Facebook.
  • Open your profile page.
  • Click Friends tab.

How To Hide Friends On Facebook

  • Now your Friend list will open.
  • At the top right corner of the screen just under timeline photo, you see a Pencil icon.

How To Hide Friends On Facebook

  • Click pencil icon and select edit privacy.
  • Now from privacy select only me option from who will see your friends box.

How To Hide Friends On Facebook

  • Now your friend list will only show to you only.

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