How To Bypass Surveys to Unlock Stuff

In this Post, I’ll share with you How to Bypass Surveys to Unlock Stuff

Most of the times when you are searching something, you came across a situation where you have to complete a specific survey in order to continue ahead. Sometimes, websites put such thing in order to give you the hacked or full version of a specific software or sometimes they just bluff about something and even if you complete a survey, you can’t able to get anything at all. Furthermore, sometimes that survey is not available for your country error frustrates the hell out of you, I mean just give us the stuff man, why waste so much time on this shit. Completing a survey gives the website owner some amount of money, you need to give a little bit of information about yourself in order to complete the survey, they could be spam too, so if you are looking fo how to bypass surveys online, then we got a good solution for you, without further ado, let us continue.

How To Bypass Surveys to Unlock Stuff

How To Bypass Surveys:

Using Online Survey Remover Sites:

This is one of the best and easiest methods to bypass any survey, it is free of pop-ups as well as any malware and it removes the survey and gives you the direct link to download the software.

  • Open the site on which you saw the survey.
  • Open the Survey link and copy it.
  • Open
  • Paste the URL you copied above, in the URL box of remover site.
  • Once you press the enter button, the survey restriction will be removed from that URL and you can access the files directly.

Using Survey Removal Tool:

Survey Crash Killer:

  • Just download and install the application.
  • Open it and Copy the URL from Survey restricted site.
  • Past the URL in the Box and press enter.
  • Click the download button after the process to download the file.

Using Extensions:

ByPass Surveys and XJZ are extensions available for Google Chrome, just install either one of them and everytime you’ll access a Survey locked link, they will automatically remove it and you’ll get direct access to the download link

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