How To Forward Email From Outlook Automatically

In this Post, I’ll Share with you How to Forward Email From Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 Automatically

We all have different E-mail addresses, usually because we own an Android device and have a G-mail ID and our very fist ID that we made on Yahoo or any other service. Most of the times one of these ID is for personal use and One of them is for Business use, so while we are in our Office we tend to use only one of them and if we get to take a leave for vacations or switch to the other mail for a definite period of time, then you should know how to forward email from outlook and that is also automatically. However, you might need to leave the Outlook running if you are connected to the Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365 environment.


How To Forward Email From Outlook:

  1. In your Outlook application, Select Files > Rules and Alerts / Tools > Rules and Alerts.
  2. Click on the E-Mail tab and Choose New Rule.
  3. Navigate to Start from a template or from a blank rule.
  4. Select Check messages when they arrive and click Next.
  5. If you want to send some specific messages, you can select conditions for each message that gets forwarded.
  6. You’ll see a Pop-up This rule will be applied to every message you receive. Is this correct?, click Yes.
  7. Otherwise, you can leave everything unchecked if you want all your messages to be forwarded.
  8. Check forward it to people or distribution list.
  9. Move to the Lower Panel and Click the people or distribution list or people or public group.
  10. Now the Rule Address window is open in front of you, select the mail address to whom you want to send the message.
  11. Type the full mail address and Tap OK.
  12. Select any exceptions from the Exceptions box and Click Next.
  13. Now Give this Rule a Name and check the box Turn this Rule On
  14. Now Tick Run this rule now on messages already in Inbox, if you want Outlook to forward everything inside inbox right now.
  15. Click Finish and you are done.

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