How To Unjailbreak your iOS Device

In this Post, I’ll share with You How to Unjailbreak your iOS Device

One of the most awaited and most trending things about iOS devices is the Jailbreak process, but then again there comes a time in your life when due to any reason at all you just want to go back to the normal device you once had, with no mods, no tweaks, just a normal device. Well if you are looking to unjailbreak your device, which is the process of undoing the Jailbreak on your iOS device, then you are the right place. Despite all the features you get after your Jailbreak your device, there are certain disadvantages of this method too, you lose the warranty of your Device and most of the 3rd part apps are malware and viruses or they install viruses on your device, so it would be a good option to unjailbreak your device to bring it back to normal.

how to unjailbreak

How To Unjailbreak your iPhone:

What you’ll be needing for this

  • A USB cable for your iPhone.
  • iTunes.
  • A Jailbroken Device.

Restore via iTunes:

  • Install iTunes as it install all the necessary drivers on your PC.
  • Connect your device with PC and Open iTunes.
  • Click on the iPhone Tab on the upper right corner and click Back-up option.
  • The above step is important as the coming process will remove all the data on your device.
  • Once the Backup is over, all you need is to restore your device via iTunes.
  • Locate the Restore Now Option and click on it.
  • A Window will pop-up to choose the backup option, then you can follow the rest of the instructions to restore your device.
  • Now just restore the Backup you made and you are good to go.

Using DFU Mode:

  • If due to any reason iTunes doesn’t detect your device, you can use the DFU mode to unjailbreak your device.
  • Boot your device into DFU mode.
  • Connect it to iTunes, Now switch off your device and Press and Hold both Power and Home button until you see the Pop-up on the iTunes saying Phone detected in Recovery mode.
  • Then repeat the iTune process to restore your device.

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