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The reason why users are looking to get apps and games on their PC is because they always want to try things on a bigger screen. You must have heard the saying, Bigger is Better. Especially when it comes to watching any sort of media, a video or a picture it always looks better on a bigger screen. Not to mention playing games looks a lot better on your PC screens than on your Mobile, if you can’t connect your mobile to PC or your PC to your LED, then you are missing a huge experience. When it comes to applications, not all screen sizes are supported by the applications, thus we are stuck in using them with a cropped view or the whole app will be within the center of the screen. The best case here is the Instagram app, that behaves like this, especially when you are using it on your iPad, for Android modded versions are available. Although there are certain ways you can get Instagram for iPad.

There should have been an official app of Instagram for iPad like they have made one for Facebook, but since there is none available, we are stuck in using the iPhone version or the Online version of Instagram, or you can try several alternates of this app. We will be reviewing all the variables in this post to see how you can try Instagram on your iPad, you might get the same experience or you might get not. Whatever the case will be if you can try Instagram on your iPad and share your stories with your friends or contacts. And if you are interested in Cool Instagram Names, then you can follow this guide to help yourself.

Instagram App for iPad

Instagram App for iPad

Since the Instagram app is focused on Mobile only, you can’t expect to see any official release from Facebook. The reason why you are here is because of this and since you already know, then you should also know that we will be providing other ways to install Instagram on your iPad.

1.Get the iPhone Instagram on your iPad

You won’t be able to enjoy the full view by default on this app, but you can then double tap to crop the view and watch everything on the full Screen. The easiest and the best way to enjoy the Instagram experience on your device.

However, you can’t just search for Instagram on iPad, because it is not available for iPad.

So what to do then? just follow the steps below and see how.

  1.  Open App Store on iPad, make sure to use the same Apple account you have on any iPhone you already own with Instagram installed on it.
  2. Either from the Already Purchased Tab, locate Instagram app and install it.
  3. Or you can Search for Instagram from the Featured Tab, after changing the filter to only iPhone.
  4. You’ll see the official Instagram app for iPhone that you can install on your iPad, enjoy.

2.Try Instagram on your Browser:

You can always open your browser, search for Instagram and open the Webpage, use your current account to log in and start using Instagram from there.

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