Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer Like a New Phone Battery

In this Post, I’ll Share with you How to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer Like a New Phone Battery

One of the biggest problem that every portable device is the battery life, since the most used part of the whole body, is the battery and with different chargers being put in it, eventually it will stop giving the same performance as it was once giving. In the rush to purchase the new phone we all ignore the concept of battery, to check the battery timing, we at least needs 3-4 days of continuous use and most shopkeepers can’t provide that unless they are your friends. Like any other thing in this world, your battery also requires attention and proper conditioning and by that means, you have to take proper measure while charging it and make sure to give it time before putting it to charge again. Just follow the steps below and bring your battery back like a new phone battery.

New Phone Battery

Make Your Phone Battery Like a New Phone Battery:

Before we start, remember that there are two types of batteries you’ll see, one of them is Nickel-Cadmium and the other one is Lithium-Ion, we will share with you both of the ways, in case if you owns an old phone you can still make it work.

Let’s start with the Nickel-Cadmium:

  • NiCad batteries are found in old phones and if you still want to stick with them here you must do:
  • Fully Charge the battery with the outlet charger and it is also recommended to let it charger for 10-15 hours, cause if they are off for quite some time, let them eat as much as they want.
  • Once it is fully charge, use your phone normally and watch the drain pattern, discharge the battery till 5%.
  • Repeat the steps 5-6 times and once your battery is trained you are good to go

Lithium-Ion Batteries:

Modern Phone are integrated with Li-ion batteries and they are much better than the old ones, you don’t need them to learn about your working and usage pattern.

  • Instead of 10-15 hours, let them charge for 5-7 hours on the initial charge and drain them to the last minute.
  • Make sure to hit at least 5% before you put them back to charging.
  • Use of Fast charger will heat up your device, it is normal, don’t worry.
  • Don’t use fast chargers on every device you own, but with Fast Charging adoption only.
  • And don’t charge your phone like all the times.

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