How to Install Windows On Android Using Change My Software

In this Post, I’ll show you How to Install Windows On Android Using Change My Software.

In this world of modifications, those who are looking forward to try different stuff on their Mobile always end up in enjoying their time with their device as long as it lasts with them. One of the best part that if you require 2 different OS at the same time to operate fully, then you must try flashing 2 different OS on your Single device. Then again, our Mobiles are more active than our PCs, so why not Dual boot them. Generally the Android device as Android as primary OS but you can easily install Windows On Android using an Application Called, Change My Software. You can use this software to switch to any OS like, iOS on Android, Windows on Android, Windows on iOS etc.



  • An Android device.
  • A PC or Laptop.
  • USB Cable.
  • Change My Software: Link
  • Active Internet
  • Extra Time..=D

Now Let’s go through the step to Install Windows On Android.

How to Install Windows On Android:

  1. Download and Install change My Software.
  2. Connect your Android Device to your PC.
  3. Now run the Software.
  4. Choose Android > Windows 8 to Install Windows 8 on your Mobile.
  5. Now Check whether your device is connected and working properly.
  6. After confirmation click on Continue.
  7. Select the Language you want as Primary on your Mobile.
  8. After the Language Selection, Windows 8 drivers installation process will start.
  9. Wait Until you see the Success screen, be patient.
  10. After downloading has been complete, click the Install Button. Make Sure not to Click Remove Android, otherwise, you’ll loose your Primary OS permanently.
  11. Now you’ll see the same Screen as you install Windows on your PC, wait till everything is completed.
  12. Once the process is over, you’r device will automatically reboot.
  13. After the reboot, you’ll be given the option to choose from Android or Windows 8.
  14. Choose Windows 8 and wait till the Screen is loaded, the first boot will take time, be patient.
  15. That is all folks! now you’ll see your Android device running Windows 8.
  16. Just reboot and choose Android to use Android on your Mobile Again.

Change My Software is available in may Versions, you can even Install Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows XP on your Android device. Whatever the version will be, the steps remains the same to Install Windows on Android.

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